Happy Gut Foods

Happy Gut Foods is the newest small batch fermenter in San Antonio.
Our products use the finest natural, non GMO, and certified organic ingredients available.

Frequently asked questions

What is the expiration for ferments, how long do they last? 

Ferments if taken care of do not generally expire, they just continue to ferment at a very slow pace in the refrigerator.  Over time the products taste and texture will change. 

Do they need to be refrigerated? 

Yes!  Once they are done fermenting we package and put in refrigerator to drastically slow down fermentation.   As the cool stalls fermentation and keeps them alive. 

How do I take care of Ferments?

Keep refrigerated, do not leave out on counter for long periods of time.  When done eating, push Ferments down into brine with a clean fork and put back in refrigerator.  

Can I cook with them?

Yes you can, they add a wonderful flavor to compliment dishes.  However by adding heat you will be eliminating the probiotic living aspect of this food.  We recommend just eating it on the side or waiting till food has cooled down to add ferment.

I'm trying to avoid salt, should I eat your ferments?  

We use himalayan pink salt which contains 84 minerals that our body needs.  Table salt is usually highly processed and just contains one mineral.  When people are asked to avoid salt, they should avoid highly processed table salt and foods and use our ferments instead of adding salt. 

How do I start eating ferments?

Start with just a small amount everyday. as ferments are living food and probiotic.  Add a little to each meal, on top of toast with avocado, in a sandwich, on top a salad, with an egg, on pizza, in a taco, there countless ways to eat!  With our beet kvass start with 2oz a day and gradually increase. 

Is there one more healthy than the other?   

They are all good for you, and rich in probiotics. They are created with high quality local, organic, clean ingredients and made with love and care. 

Why can't I get the lid off?

Because our creations are alive they sometimes create pressure in the jar.  Try running some warm water on lid to open.