Happy Gut Foods

Happy Gut Foods is the newest small batch fermenter in San Antonio.
Our products use the finest natural, non GMO, and certified organic ingredients available.


Happy Gut Foods uses the ancient art of fermentation to preserve and transform.  We use local, organic, and clean ingredients.  Aside from our master tonic which is made with raw apple cider vinegar,  we do not use heat or vinegar which allows our creations to work with all beneficial bacteria and enzymes. 

We are San Antonio native food alchemists.  We love that we are using a process that has been used in every culture for thousands of years to preserve the harvest, help with digestion and enhance nutrients.  The process detoxifies the body and provides naturally occurring probiotics to your diet.  We like to mix old world with modern to create something unique and nourishing. 

Happy Gut Foods does not ferment in plastic.  The acids produced during fermentation process can leach out chemicals from the plastic whether its food grade or not.

We always make small batches with love and care.  The fermentation process is truly magical.  A process that protects and supports our immune system and digestion, which effects our overall well being.


Thank you!